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10 Top Tips on How to Sell Your House

top tips on selling a houseWith property prices forecast to rise there are is going to be more and more competition in the market to sell your home. Did you know that the average buyer looks at up to 10 properties before making that all important decision?

We have put together our 10 top tips on selling a house as quickly as possible:

1. Drive by viewings

They say “first impressions are lasting impressions” so make sure the front of your house is attractive. Some potential buyers won’t even make an appointment if their first impressions are bad. So plant flowers, cut back overgrown shrubs etc , pick up leaves, repaint your door, replace tarnished house numbers and buy a new doormat.

2. Spring cleaning

Clean your house from top to bottom and make sure its cleaned before any visitors arrive. Don’t forget your windows are clean inside and out! Consider professional cleaning of carpets and ovens too.

3. A spot of DIY

Dripping taps or cracked tiles will send the wrong message to potential buyers so replace or repair them before any viewings.

4. De-clutter

Clutter makes homes seem smaller and unkempt. It is a difficult task to de-clutter your home as personal possessions usually reflects our memories, hobbies and values. However, less is more when potential buyers come to view so have a good sort out before you move.

5. Neutral colours

Potential buyers walking through your home want to imagine themselves as the owners. If you use styles or colours they would never select, you’ll put them off so neutralise walls and furnishings where possible.

6. Timing

Spring and Summertime happen to be peak house selling periods in the UK. Slow periods tend to be Christmas and late summer when the new term for school children starts.

7. De-personalise

Pack away items that viewers won’t be able to identify with. Collections or religious items or lots of family photos may turn off whole groups of buyers, because they cannot imagine your home as their home.

8. Fur and feathers

Not all viewers will be pet lovers , so try confining yours to a specific area. Pet smells can be offensive, so eliminate lingering odours in furniture or flooring through cleaning before you sell.

9. Accessories

Use for example, mirrors to reflect light and space, and plants and fresh flowers to bring rooms to life.

10. Cover up

Lots of different floor coverings make an area seem smaller. Concentrate on main rooms but remember to keep the doors closed until showing each room in turn. Professional carpet cleaning can also revitalise older carpets.

Once you have found a buyer just give our Conveyancing Team a call and we will talk you through all the associated jargon and give you a fixed price quotation covering all the legal costs so that you can budget properly for your move.