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Landlords use buy to Lets instead or Pensions?

 Landlords are using rent from there But to Let properties to help them live comfortably in there retirement. Over 80 % of landlord in the uk are using there there


 property portfolio to help them through retirement. With the recent bad press regarding the returns on pension people are finding buy to let properties a safer option. 

With the average rent in the UK Increasing from £679 to £790 per month with the last three years, buy to let properties are not just the safer option they are the most profitable. 

Here at Conveyancing Quote Now over the years we have done many buy to let mortgages but within the last 3 months there has to been an increase. If you are thinking buying a couple of properties please call us directly for a more competitive conveyancing quote on 0800 612 0018. We cover all England and Wales and have vast experience in Buy to Lets Mortgages.