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The Final Hurdle: From Exchange to Completion

Exchanging contracts is often seen as the greatest hurdle to surmount in the whole of the conveyancing process. The point at which both parties are contractually bound is rightfully considered to offer peace of mind to everybody involved.

Obviously the fact that purchasers lose their deposit if they opt not to complete is a significant deterrent and helps to bring the transaction to a close. Exchange, however, can never offer the certainty of completion.

In an effort to guide buyers and sellers through the final fortnight of their respective purchase and sale, we have shortlisted our best advice to steady your resolve, as you prepare to move.

A Month Before the Move

Before monies pass and the legal rights to the property in question have been transferred, both parties need to be in a position to move themselves and their belongings to their new home. Friends and family will be able to offer recommendations to reputable professional removal firms. This advice can be invaluable but care should be taken especially if the firm in question is not a member of the British Association of Removers.

Removal Van

Knowing that your possessions, from kitchen utensils to family heirlooms, are in the care of a reputable and qualified firm will evaporate any concerns that you may have with regards to potential loss and damage. Typically, exchange to completion takes a fortnight, but most BAR members are happy to be consulted up to a month away from your anticipated completion. They won’t expect you to have a date set in stone at this point but they will be able to clarify the full extent of their services.

The prospect of packing is the most physically demanding but more firms are offering competitively-priced packing services, if putting your life in boxes really doesn’t appeal. Alternatively, if you are moving on a tight budget, the removal industry’s busiest times are during the Summer and early December. Choosing the middle of the week to move is not only cheaper but with less traffic on the roads there is less chance of your belongings being caught in traffic.

Find a list of the BAR-accredited removers here:

A Week Before the Move

Some bright spark, no pun intended, made the most of their guaranteed internet connection by downloading all of the manuals for their new home’s appliances before they moved. As prepared as this is, a more appropriate response to being a week away from completion would be to start redirecting your post through Royal Mail in order to reduce the likelihood of identity theft.

Post Box

This can be achieved here:

On the Day

Just before the keys are due to be collected, take a final meter reading from your property. It’s thoroughly recommended to leave a note to before leaving, briefly outlining where the new owners can find boiler switches and aerial sockets. Any difficulties you may have moving forward can be remedied a lot easier if you are still on good terms with your buyers.