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Selling Property Conveyancing

Conveyancing Quote Now knows and appreciates that in this uncertain economic time finding a buyer can be extremely difficult, and once you have agreed a sale, the hard part should be over.

We understand this and know that our clients need their transactions to progress to exchange of contracts as soon as possible, as it is at this point both parties are legally bound and you can sigh a breath of relief.

Nothing can be more daunting than the unknown and therefore to assist you the following flow chart provides a simple overview of the sale process;

Property Sale Conveyancing Process

  1. A sale price is agreed.
  2. You instruct Conveyancing Quote Now to act on your behalf. We obtain certain information from you, for instance your mortgage lender details and identification, and arrange for you complete property information forms (Protocol Documents).
  3. Sale instructions are received from the Estate Agents.
  4. Contracts and evidence of your title are sent to the buyer’s solicitors.
  5. The buyer’s enquiries are answered.
  6. Documentation is signed and a completion date agreed.
  7. Exchange of Contracts
  8. Day of completion; we repay your current mortgage and estate agent, if applicable, and transfer balance monies to you.

Obviously each transaction is unique and we will advise you immediately of any issues that arise, and what you can do to assist the process.