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Property Purchase Conveyancing

Buying a property will be one of the biggest purchases in your lifetime and can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. It is vital you employ a good solicitor to carry out the property purchase conveyancing.

At Conveyancing Quote Now we believe it should also be an exciting time, and we try to make it as exciting as possible, by simplifying the process, using uncomplicated language and holding your hand at every step; although we draw the line at decorating advice.

With our expertise we ensure that you are purchasing a good legal and marketable title, as we are here not only to look after you now, but also when it becomes time to move on and sell the property.

Purchase Conveyancing Steps

  1. You instruct Conveyancing Quote Now to act on your behalf.
  2. Once we have received the legal documents from the seller’s solicitors, we shall investigate the title, raise enquiries and apply for searches.
  3. On receipt of your mortgage offer and valuation, we ensure that it accurately reflects the information provided by the seller’s solicitors.
  4. Once we are satisfied we shall report to you on our findings. At this point you will sign the mortgage deed and contract and we shall request the deposit and any balance monies we require from you.
  5. Exchange contracts and fix the completion date.
  6. Final searches are undertaken and monies requested from your lender.
  7. Day of completion – the day you can collect your keys and move.
  8. On receipt of the documentation from the seller’s solicitors, we complete the Stamp Duty Form on your behalf and register the property into your name at H M Land Registry.