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Conveyancing Guide

Buying property can be one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime, it can also be one of the most stressful! Deciding to purchase a property is a step not to be taken lightly.

At  Conveyancing Quote Now we are here to help you on every step of the way. The conveyancing solicitor will play an extremely important part in your purchase and here is a guide on what will happen from start to finish.

Firstly for first time buyer this service will be very beneficial because there is a online case management system that will not only help you view the progression of you case but will give you details of the meaning of each progression, and a useful percentage guide to help you understand how far along in the process you are.

The Process

  • Firstly you will receive a starter pack form us for you to fill in. This is very self explanatory. You will send this back filled in as best you can with ID and a cheque for your searches.
  • By this time we should have received a Memorandum of Sale from the estate agent marketing the property that you are about the purchase. The Memorandum of Sale will have the seller’s information, seller’s solicitor information, purchaser’s information, purchaser’s solicitor information and the property information. The property information will confirm the full address, price agreed, and any additional information that was agreed with the purchase such as chattels e.g. the curtains to be included in the purchase price.
  • We will request a contact pack from the seller’s solicitors and we will rise enquires.
  • We will also order the appropriate searches for the property, which will usually be an environmental search, local authority search, water and drainage search and, depending on the area, coal authority search. The searches generally take between one and two week to come back.
  • Once we have received replies we then may need to rise further enquires to the other side’s solicitors.
  • Hopefully by now we should have received the mortgage offer from your chosen lender.
  • Once we are satisfied with the replies to all the enquires raised, and approved the seller’s title. We will send out documentation to you for signature, which is likely to include a Transfer deed, Mortgage deed, completion statement, report on title, and of course, the contract.
  • Once we have received the signed documentation, and your deposit, we will be ready to exchange contracts with the seller’s solicitors. As soon as you have agreed on a completion date with your sale we will get your authority to exchange.
  • You will need to transfer any balance money required to complete your purchase to our client account by no later than the day before completion. On the day of completion we will transfer it to the other side’s solicitors. Once they have received the money they will call the estate agent to give permission to release keys.
  • We will let you know as soon as you can go to the estate agents to pick up the keys and then go to the property to check it. Then you can open that bottle of bubbly to celebrate the purchase of your new property.

We know it sounds like a long process but we will make it as smooth as possible. Our job as your solicitor is to protect you. This is why we are so particular in the process and will not cut any corners.