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Land Registry Looks to Expand its Horizons

Her Majesty’s Land Registry is set to undergo a monumental change in 2015 if current legislation is approved. The Infrastructure Bill, which is currently sitting in the House of Lords and predicted to hit the statute books just before Christmas, … Continue reading 

Ready? Steady? Go: How to Expedite your Property Transaction

The time it takes to reach completion after your offer has been accepted is between 8 to 10 weeks. People often move in times of financial and emotional distress arising out of divorce, death or simple disarray. If the property … Continue reading 

The Final Hurdle: From Exchange to Completion

Exchanging contracts is often seen as the greatest hurdle to surmount in the whole of the conveyancing process. The point at which both parties are contractually bound is rightfully considered to offer peace of mind to everybody involved. Obviously the fact … Continue reading 

Divine Intervention for Chancel Repair Liability?

Any conveyancing newcomer may question the inclusion of a ‘Chancel Repair Search’ when purchasing a property, but to dismiss this relatively low-cost search has wreaked havoc for some homeowners. The search had been previously dismissed as outdated and irrelevant when … Continue reading 

Is using a Online Estate Agents the future?

Traditional high street Estate Agent have always been the way everyone in the UK sold their homes! They usually charge a percentage some are now charging a set fee on the  lower valued properties around £1500 to £3000. Most properties … Continue reading