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Buying your property

Buying your property -a dream or a nightmare?

Conveyancing Solicitor Uk can not and do not under estimate the importance to their clients of having their property purchase properly surveyed.

Clients feel that the valuation obtained by their lender (if any )will suffice. However a valuation is just a valuation and in some cases is just for the benefit of the lender even though in some cases the client pays for it! The valuation will often contain only scant details about the condition of the property.

Any property must be fully and properly surveyed before a binding commitment to purchase is made, whether or not a mortgage is being obtained ,so at least the client can make an informed decision. The client will know what is right and what is wrong with the property before its too late. Here the surveyor will be acting in the best interests of the client

In some cases, and in order to save costs, where a mortgage is being obtained the surveyor may be able not only to provide the survey for the client but also a separate valuation for the lender.

The survey should include not only the exterior of the property but also the interior of the property and its workings. The surveyor may well recommend that additional specialist firms are instructed to report on for example to include but not limited to timber and damp, cavity walls, interior walls , electrics and central heating.

Better to be safe than sorry! After all the Sellers will give no personal guarantees about the property.

Conveyancing Quote Now whilst not always able to recommend individual surveyors will always pleased to advise clients further on what steps they should take on what is likely to be for clients their biggest and most expensive transaction ever.

By Peter Whittam