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Buy to Let investors will have another promising year

Landlords and letting agency will have another promising year due to the huge demand on rental properties. Landlords will look to expand there property portfolio and benefit on the rise of rental value. Investors have taken advantage of the fall in house prices to purchase properties at a low value. Due to the market being steady at the moment new buy to let landlords are emerging. Here at Conveyancing Solicitors do a special conveyancing  prices for Landlords but they will have to call for quote instead of doing it online. Here are some tips for landlords looking to do buy to let:

  • Research the Market
  • Choose a promising area
  • Do the maths
  • Shop around
  • Think about your tarket Tenant
  • Dont be over ambitious
  • Consider looking further afield
  • Haggle over price
  • Know the pitfalls
  • Consider how hands-on you want to be

Top tips from daily Mails Simon Lambert