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A local surprise Winner

Wigan was voted for the highest value property riser by online property portal Zoopla.
According to Zoopla properties have risen by 5.6% last year. Wigan in Greater Manchester found on average the price of properties increased by £7000 in 2011. Wigan is still on the cheapest out of the top ten best performing towns with the average property price being £132.517. The average property price in the north west of England is £155,386 which is a difference of £22,869 lower than average. On the other side of the coin Newcastle Upon Tyne was the area that lost the most value in terms of percentage figure and price. Properties on average lost £9650 off their value, which means they where down by -5.51%. The Londerners continue so see constant strength in the market boosting house prices. Nicholas Leeming of Zoopla doesn’t see much change in 2012 compared with the results of 2011.