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£300,000 house to be demolished due to Japenese Knot Weed

A couple have been told that there house in Hertfordshire has to be demolished due to the invasion of Japenese Knot weed. The Newly build house has been dropped from £305,000 to £50,000 due to the damage.

Japanese Knot Weed was introduced to the UK from Japan between 1825 and 1841 as an ornamental plant and as cattle fodder. The weed has invaded the house owned by Matthew Jones and fiancée Sue Banks. The weed crept along the wall of the house and has eventually forced it’s way through skirting boards within the property.

Notoriously resilient

When the couple originally bought the house two years ago there was no sign of the Japanese Knot Weed. The weed found it’s way onto the property via wasteland adjacent to the house. Even the strongest pesticide cannot guarantee the removal of the notoriously resilient weed.

The young couple who own the house are now looking to sue the solicitors who where involved in the purchase of the property. They are seeking £400,000 compensation; the solicitors entirely deny liability and contest the claim.