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Businesses Facing Four Year Wait On Rate Review

Businesses in the UK have had a very difficult few years. The economic downturn, rising costs and changing consumer behaviors have all let to reduced profits and the loss of thousands of jobs across the country. Some of the hardest … Continue reading 

RICS Cautious Over Recent Property Figures

Over the last couple of months various organisations have consistently been releasing positive property figures. The most recent of these has been the figures released by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). They have reported that nearly 17 homes … Continue reading 

Changes to UK Mortgage Lending Guidelines

When discussing the state of the UK economy the media tend to focus on the short term implications. With the UK property market struggling to get back on its feet, anything that slows its recovery is often seen as a … Continue reading 

Buy-to-Let Lending on the Rise

Before the collapse of Northern Rock and the global financial crisis the UK buy-to-let market was booming. Landlords were rapidly expanding their portfolios and there were an abundance of willing tenants. As soon as the banks hit difficulties, landlords stopped … Continue reading