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The Number of Home owner in negative equity decreases.

 According to mortgage lenders the amount of people that are in negative equity are decreasing. Home owner that took out a mortgage in 2007 one in four where in negative equity. One in five first time buyers who still live … Continue reading 

Retirement Homes decrease in value

People who have bought  retirement homes in 2005 have not only decreased there property have decreased in value but they are struggling to sell them on. For the people trying to sell there retirement home losing negative equity is not … Continue reading 

UK house Prices rise by 1.8%

House prices have increased by 1.8% according to ONS official figures, however this mainly down to London and the South East of England. London house prices have being increasing three time faster than the average house price.   House prices … Continue reading 

Britains Hot spots to Live!

 When an area has good schools, transport links and buoyant local economy , in the estate agency world this is classed as a golden triangle. These types of areas are where everyone wants to live. Yorkshire, Surrey and West Country are areas … Continue reading