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Prime Minister Vows to Get Britain Building!

Home buyers will now be able to borrow up to 95% of the sale value as part of a new plan by the government as part of it’s strategy to build more new homes and boost home ownership. Building more … Continue reading 

New Kite mark for Conveyancing

The law society will be releasing a new kite mark for conveyancers which will go live in January 2011. Conveyancers can get the accreditation if they provide quality service and advice to there clients. This kite mark has been widely … Continue reading 

Rise in Mortgage Approvals in September 2011

Great news for the property market as there has been a rise in mortgages being approved this September. According to the BSA which started to record mortgage approval rates in January 2010. In September there where 2.5 billion mortgages approved, … Continue reading