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Do you think the price of your property is going to rise?

People who think there house price will rise can invest in an ISA index-linked. Castle trusts have applied for something called HouSA. This means that you get paid a return when the price of your house rises. This will be … Continue reading 

Avoid Paying Stamp Duty – “Too Good To Be True”

There are new concerns from the government regarding home buyers not paying there stamp duty. The concerns have arisen after it was found a number of websites are giving tips on how to avoid paying your stamp duty. The HMRC … Continue reading 

£300,000 house to be demolished due to Japenese Knot Weed

A couple have been told that there house in Hertfordshire has to be demolished due to the invasion of Japenese Knot weed. The Newly build house has been dropped from £305,000 to £50,000 due to the damage. Japanese Knot Weed … Continue reading 

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has called for a 30 year fixed rate mortgages to help struggling families on a tight budget. This will hopefully encourage market stability, at this moment in time a large deposit is required. There is currently … Continue reading 

Cost of Renting Rises for Tenants

As we all know the demand for rental properties has increased and so has the cost of rent per month for the majority of tenants. The property rent index provided by shows that the price of rent has increased … Continue reading